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 Monkfield Nutrition has been working with reptiles and reptile products for over 30 years, providing a one-stop shop for all your needs live and frozen food, livestock and a wide range of products to help pet owners care properly for their pets.


With an open top design for maximum ventilation, most experts agree that the Tortoise Table is the perfect home for a tortoise.


The covered area can be used with lighting and UV equipment such as the Exo Terra Glow Light and 125 Watt Solar Glo, which provides all UV needs and an excellent daytime temperature gradient.


The built-in hide has the ability to attach a small Exo Terra Heat Mat to the ceiling, raising night time ambient temperatures, although this may not be necessary if your house does not fall below 65F.


Delivered flat-packed.

Available in an Oak finish.


Please note the image is for illustration purposes only; heating fixtures and cabinet are sold separately.


Designed for use with Monkfield Oak Cabinet 66cm x 76cm x 51cm (26 x 30 x 20").

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 61cm x 109cm x 61cm (24" x 43" x 24")

Monkfield Tortoise Table