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How Our Courier Service Works


5 Easy to Follow Steps


When you make a purchase, first we will ask to see your setup and ensure it is correct


We then request a booking via Ridgeway Courier


Once confirmed, we will provide you with a job number for the courier


Ridgeway's team will text you with your drop off date and a 2 hour time window when they intend to arrive


Need support? You can speak to their friendly staff via the Ridgeway Courier Facebook page

Booking Close & Run Start Dates

May 1st Run (inc Scotland)

Bookings close on the 25th of April


Run starts on the 6th of May

May 2nd Run

Bookings close on the 8th of May

Run starts on the 20th of May

June 1st Run (inc Scotland)

Bookings close on the 20th of May

Run starts on the 10th of June

June 2nd Run

Bookings close on the 13th of June

Run starts on the 24th of June

July 1st Run (inc Scotland)

Bookings close on the 27th of June

Run starts on the 8th of July

What Ridgeway have to say

Once or twice a month, we do a run around the country with our vans full of exotics and deliver them to customers far and wide. Over the course of a month, we transport hundreds of animals to their new homes safely and comfortably. We treat every reptile as an individual and your new arrival will get the same, careful treatment as every animal we deliver.


We care about reptiles! Our aim is that no animal is in transit for more than 48 hours. However, for hard to reach areas i.e Scotland this may be extended to two or three days in transit. Our drivers are all experienced reptile keepers with the knowledge necessary to take care of them on the road. They are backed up by our team of managers, logistic staff and even spare drivers. The team has a massive collective experience of over 100 years between them in the exotics world.


We are exotic pet logistics specialists and we feel our experience has put us in a great position to cover almost every eventuality, from spare vans and drivers to cover any breakdowns to timing buffers built in to the route to work around traffic where possible. The vans even have remote access to the unit temperatures for our drivers and over sized batteries for emergencies. The drivers also have access to our office team 24hrs a day just in case.

The health of your reptiles is a priority and we take every effort to ensure they get to you as soon as possible, but also as safely as possible. After a luxury ride in the back of our van, they will arrive on your doorstep with a professional keeper who will hand them over to you. So, you can see, its a First Class trip for your animal. You can speak to our friendly staff via the Ridgeway Courier Facebook page or email them on

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