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The Tortoise Cave from Exo Terra is the perfect hide for your tortoise. Large enough to house your pet comfortably, it is designed with care and attention to detail.


Created to replicate natural stones, it will fit in with any enclosure decor easily. It is both sturdy and strong and cannot be tipped easily, so it's ideal for pets who are more rambunctious!


The hide provides your tortoise with somewhere safe, secure and warm. This will reduce his stress levels and promote the most natural, relaxed behaviours. The inner of the cave can be lined with soft chip reptile bedding to promote humidity that tortoises love.


Approximate Dimensions: 40.0 x 29.0 x 22.0cm


Key Features:

  • Natural rock effect
  • Large enough for most pet tortoises
  • Sturdy and safe, cannot be tipped easily
  • Great for shelter
  • Reduces stress levels

Exo Terra Tortoise Cave

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