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The Arcadia ShadeDweller 2.5% UV Lamp, 14 Watt has been designed using the very latest in German lamp technology. A standard output T5 lamp that draws just 14 Watts but is over twice as bright as our 8 Watt ShadeDweller lamp.


This increase in brightness or ‘lumen output’ includes the whole spectrum of the lamp, even UV. As such to hit the target UVI of 1.00-1.50 at 12”/30 to basking, this clever lamp only requires 2.5% UV-B within the total spectrum of the lamp.


So, if you were wondering why the ShadeDweller 8w lamp has 7% UV-B and ShadeDweller-Max only 2.5% UV-B, to achieve a very similar result, then this is your answer, the lamp itself is more powerful over the whole spectrum of the lamp, so to reach optimal UVI at the target distance the % if UV-B is reduced, the resulting UVI however is very similar in both cases.


ShadeDweller-Max is suitable for use with almost all species of snake within their own UVI requirements and distance to basking. Please check our ‘lighting guide’ for more detail. ShadeDweller-Max is suitable for use with Royal/ball pythons and other pythons species, corn snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, rat snakes and other colubrid’s, garter snakes, hognose snakes, Boas, mangrove snakes etc etc.


  • High quality
  • Full-Spectrum’ output
  • Help provide essential Vitamin D3 within the ‘Light & Shade Method’
  • 12 month lamp life
  • Made in Germany

Arcadia ShadeDweller max Tube

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