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What is the Arcadia ShadeDweller Max?

The Arcadia ShadeDweller Max is a flicker-free light fitting designed for enclosures measuring at least 3ft x 1ft. It has been developed as a way to provide plenty of UVA and UVB to snakes, from Royal Pythons to Boas, as well as other crepuscular animals. The fitting is super-easy to set up and is made from durable, heat-resistant metal to guarantee long-term usage. It is even possible to link multiple units together to light a larger area.


What is the difference between the Arcadia ShadeDweller Max and the replacement bulb?

We stock two products in the Arcadia ShadDweller Max range; the Arcadia ShadeDweller Max and the replacement bulb. The Arcadia ShadeDweller Max includes both the fitting and a bulb to get you started, making it ideal for a new tank owner. The replacement bulb is a bulb designed to fit into the Arcadia ShadeDweller Max fitting and should only be bought if you own the fitting itself.


What is the difference between the Arcadia ShadeDweller Max and other Arcadia ShadeDweller models?

The ShadeDweller Max is an improved version of the previous Arcadia ShadeDweller. The ShadeDweller range caters to crepuscular animals, who need less UVB than basking species, however, there are a lot of different species that fall into this category. The original ShadeDweller is designed to cater to small enclosures (2ft-3ft) of crepuscular species. The ShadeDweller Max can be used over a much larger area (3ft-4ft) meaning that it can supply light to both small and large species. Some crepuscular species prefer a more diffused arboreal light, for those we have the ShadeDweller Arboreal.


Why do I need to buy a UV light for my snake enclosure?

Snakes need UV light to live. Many snakes live in parts of the world close to the equator where they can absorb large amounts of UVB light, which they have evolved to use in lots of different bodily processes. Most notably, many snakes rely on a steady stream of UVB light to create vitamins that help to maintain their health and vibrant colours.


How do I install the Arcadia ShadeDweller Max?

Installing the Arcadia ShadeDweller Max is a breeze. It simply screws onto the ceiling of your vivarium or terrarium. Depending on your enclosure, you may need to drill into your terrarium roof to create a hole to screw into. Once your lighting is attached, simply run the power cable out of your enclosure and plug it in to get started.

Arcadia ShadeDweller Max Kit

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