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A Reptile Cave is essential for the relaxation of your pet.


Reptiles love hiding and it should not be underestimated how important this is to their health. Lizards and snakes need somewhere to feel safe when they eat and sleep and without this they can get stressed which in turn affects their activity and appetite.


A proper hiding area is an often-underestimated feature of a natural terrarium. Without a safe spot to hide and sleep reptiles and amphibians will easily develop stress that will effect their activity and appetite.


  • Hide-outs often also provide a shelter or a cooler area in the terrarium.
  • Natural look, integrates in any type of terrarium.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides a secure hiding place.
  • Prevents stress.
  • Very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles.

Exo Terra Reptile Cave

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