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HabiStat Rainmakers remove the need for manual enclosure spraying via several advanced programmable options.


Easy to set up and reliable, the HabiStat Rainmaker is the perfect solution for adding realistic ‘rain’ sessions within your enclosures.


Easy and convenient to refill at the top of the unit.


You can adjust the cycle, duration, and output by adjusting the buttons as needed.


Use up to 4 nozzles to expand the coverage of your enclosure or even extend the system to multiple enclosures.


Use in conjunction with the Habistat Humidifier for a more complete hydration cycle.

  • 2.2L Reservoir
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy refill from the top
  • 5 metres of tubing (tube cutter included)
  • 2 x High quality copper nozzles included

HabiStat Rainmaker

£133.50 Regular Price
£120.15Sale Price
VAT Included |