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Ideal for species of reptile and amphibian that require low levels of UVB. Best housed in a compact lamp unit mounted horizontally.

  • Updated electronic protection
  • 100% UV-V blocking glass
  • Our best ever full-spectrum+ UV-B output
  • Updated phosphor mix
  • More visible light, more stable and UV potent for 12 whole months


The all-new range of compact lamps by Arcadia Reptile are our best ever with upgraded electronics, UV-C blocking glass, higher output and the very finest German sourced phosphors.

All of this ensures that our compact lamps for Reptiles and birds are the very finest available.

Compact lamps use HO-T5 technology to create full-spectrum+UV-B light. They have an internal flicker free ballast and can be used in any E26 or E27 high quality lamp holder.

Compact lamps can be very useful if reflected properly and sited so that the flat of the glass is pointing downwards. This creates a usable sunbathing area for small or hatchling species. We should always make sure that our basking area is as long as the animal’s body, from nose to vent in lizards, the whole snake when coiled at basking or the whole carapace for Chelonia. The animal must also have equal to, or greater access to areas of graduated shade.

High quality compacts can be very useful for small and young animals when kept in reduced sized enclosures as they grow.

Arcadia D3 Mini Compact Reptile Lamps

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