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Easy to setup and reliable, the HabiStat Humidifier creates a practical and realistic moisture cloud and can be programmed easily, using the LED Digital Touch Buttons and built-in digital timer, to meet the requirements of the various species.


With a huge 4L capacity tank, the ultra-quiet humidifier will work for up to 12 hours constantly (in max mist 300ml per hour). Water can be easily added and monitored. An alarm will sound when empty.

  • Controlled working time: 2-120 minutes.
  • Maximum output of 300 ml/h.
  • Cycle time: 0-4 hours. 

1.5-metre flexible hose. 4-litre tank providing adjustable misting levels. Easily add water and monitor water levels. Ultra-quiet.


  • 4L Capacity
  • LED Digital Touch Buttons
  • 1.5m flexible hose
  • Built-in digital timer
  • Ultra quiet

HabiStat Humidifier