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Our giant lobworms measure around 90-150mm. Lobworms are ideal for Chameleons, Leopard Geckos, other lizards, amphibians, inverts and some chelonia.


Heat Packs

During the Winter season or severely cold weather (we advise below 4°) we advise you to purchase a Heat Pack to go in with your order to ensure the quality on arrival.


Daily fresh delivery

Same day dispatch (when ordered before 3 pm) -  Live food are despatched the same day if you order before 3 pm and the next day if you order after 3 pm, excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday (these orders will be sent on Monday).


Our live food is excellent because:

  • It is organically and ethically bred.
  • It is produced in optimum conditions.
  • It is fed the best food on the market.
  • It gives the most nutrition to your reptiles.

Reptiles love lob-worms because….

  • they are juicy and provide a succulent meal for your reptile
  • they provide a much loved treat for your pet
  • they are similar to the food that your pet would eat in the wild


We recommend gut loading your insects once they arrive using jelly pots, veg or bug gel. This ensures that your live food lives as long as possible and is as nutritious as it can be for your pet.


To speak to us about the right-sized food for your pet or any other questions, please contact us.

Giant Lob Worms (Lumbricus) Pre-pack

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