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Choose between Large or Standard sized cultures: The standard size culture is suitable for those that have a few animals to feed. The Large option was introduced to meet the demands of the serious frog breeder. Each culture has double the media (Drosophila Mix), in a pot that is double the size as the standard tub, resulting in double the production.


Once you receive delivery of your new culture/s, all you have to do is place it somewhere at room temperature (22 Celsius). Sit back and wait for the flies to pupate and emerge as adults. The time period for the culture to develop, pupate and adults to emerge may vary depend upon the developmental stage of the culture and the ambient temperature. Generally D. hydei take about 3 weeks and D. melanogaster take about 2 weeks to complete their life stages (from egg to adult fly) at 20 to 24 Celsius. You will find a small sticker on the culture which read DD.MM or DD/MM, this represents the day and month the culture was made.


Heat Packs

During the Winter season or severely cold weather (we advise below 4°) we advise you to purchase a Heat Pack to go in with your order to ensure the quality on arrival.


Daily fresh delivery

Same day dispatch (when ordered before 3 pm) -  Live food are despatched the same day if you order before 3 pm and the next day if you order after 3 pm, excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday (these orders will be sent on Monday).


Our live food is excellent because:

  • It is organically and ethically bred.
  • It is produced in optimum conditions.
  • It is fed the best food on the market.
  • It gives the most nutrition to your reptiles.


We recommend gut loading your insects once they arrive using jelly pots, veg or bug gel. This ensures that your live food lives as long as possible and is as nutritious as it can be for your pet.


To speak to us about the right-sized food for your pet or any other questions, please contact us.

Fruit Fly (Flightless) D. Hydei and Melanogaster

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