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EarthMix-Arid uses Arcadia's original EarthMix as a base with an added 30% Certified Organic Scottish Volcanic rock dust. The Volcanic rock is not only natural and mineral upbeat but is also sourced from an honourable Scottish source.

EarthMix-Arid will allow the keeper to grow plants adapted to these Arid regions and help provide Nutritional, Mental and Physical enrichment for animals, such as Leopard Geckos, through natural digging and food collection.

EarthMix-Arid will also help to support certain custodian species used in Bio-Active systems. These species originate from and tolerate hotter, drier climates.

EarthMix and EarthMix-Arid are the ultimate choices for the forward-thinking Bio-Active keeper.

EarthMix-Arid is suitable for use with any species from dry scrubland areas such as; Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Bosc and other Monitors, and Agamas from Arid or scrubland areas, Sandfish and other Scrubland lizards, Scrubland Tortoises, Scrubland dwelling Snakes and Inverts from Arid terrain.