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  • 60 Species of grasses, botanicals and weeds
  • No waste products used as fillers such as nut shells, maize, sunflower seed husks and soya bean husks
  • Developed with zoo vet oversight
  • Highly palatable and low-waste pressed food


EarthPro-Optimised52 is a vet-checked, all-natural way of feeding tortoises, developed to replicate wild feeding using only natural ingredients. We do not use non-natural fillers such as seed husks, nut shells, Maize, soya and flours, which are all too common in prepared Tortoise diets.


Tortoises have developed over time to be opportunistic feeders that are highly herbivorous. They are an exploring species that will graze as opportunity arises within seasonality. The wild diet of the Mediterranean species consists mainly of leafy vegetation, grasses, roots, tubers, and seasonal flowers. Fruits are taken but rarely and as a seasonal supplier. A wild diet of this type is very high in fibre and low in protein, sodium and fats. Natural geophagy is also a vital supplier of essential minerals and vitamins, mostly from the B group.


EarthPro-Optimised52 is the very finest, most nutritious pet tortoise diet available. The independently tested nutritional values rather speak for themselves. The food is mixed and pressed in the UK within small batch manufacture to ensure freshness. This is essential as we do not add artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or scents. This is a fresh, dried food that can be rehydrated to meet the development needs of your animal.

Arcadia EarthPro Optimised52 Tortoise Food 250g

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