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Essential for extending and augmenting your White Python LED Lighting System in your reptile's terrarium or vivarium is a White Python Transformer/power supply, available at a better price here at Birmingham Reptiles.


Although each module in your White Python LED Lighting System only utilises around 10.8 watts of electricity to run at full capacity, you will still need to power each unit properly to get the most out of your lighting system, and to do this you can buy a larger transformer to plug into your mains electricity supply, from 18 watts to 60 watts.


You can use one to power the lights in several reptile homes too if you use the 4-way extension cable!


Note: The 18W power supply can power up to 5 LED strips and the 60W up to 16 LED strips.

White Python LED Transformer / Power Supply 18w-60w

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