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Which Reptile Would You Choose?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

  1. Bearded Dragon - A social diurnal animal that does incredibly well with handling- even for young children!

  2. Leopard Gecko - A nocturnal lizard that gets a nice size but doesn't require too big of a vivarium, can be a little bit skittish as a baby but becomes docile with time and frequent handling.

  3. Chinese Water Dragon - Very energetic, interesting to watch and get a nice big size. Do require a bigger vivarium but are incredible animals who you can have lots of fun with.

  4. Corn Snake - Relatively low maintenance animals, incredibly docile species but very active during handling periods- the perfect snake for a beginner!

  5. Royal Python - Also known as the 'ball python' for their tendency to hide their head away as a defence. Very easy to care for and get a nice size for a beginner!

  6. Tarantula - Incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for. Not for handling but can be beautiful show animals.

  7. Frog - Again, not necessarily a handling animal but you can create some beautiful bioactive set-ups which the frogs will absolutely thrive in!

  8. Tortoise - A brilliant animal to care for, will definitely be a forever pet with their incredible life span- more of a roaming animal than a handling animal!

Which Reptile would you choose?

  • Bearded Dragon

  • Leopard Gecko

  • Chinese Water Dragon

  • Corn Snake

If you have any more favourites let us know in the comments! - What is your favourite animal and why?

Thanks for tuning in!



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