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What Does Omnivorous Mean?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

So, lets start out with asking the main question, what does omnivorous mean?

An omnivorous animal is that which eats both foods from plant and animal/invertebrate origin. This allows for a lot of feeding versatility- allowing for your animals to receive a variety of nutrients from different types of food.

There are a variety of reptiles that are omnivorous- lets take the family favourite, a Bearded Dragon. Primarily, Bearded Dragons are live-food eaters. Their main diet consists of either crickets, locusts or Dubai roaches. There are other live-foods such as wax worms or fruit beetle grubs etc, however, these are considered treat foods and are fed less often.

Now, alongside their live-foods, Bearded Dragons are also known for eating a variety of salads and other types of vegetation. On occasion taking down some high protein as well, in the forms of small frozen pinkie mice. Having a variety in food sources brings a lot of health benefits as they are able to get a larger variety of nutrients.

There are multiple animals that we keep here in our shop that are omnivorous; including Blue Tongue Skinks, Ackie Monitors, Red Foot Tortoises and one of our new additions, the Crocodile Lizards.

Having an omnivorous animal allows you to explore different feeding opportunities for health benefits and enrichment.

If you are interested in learning more about some of our omnivorous animals, contact the store or pop in today!

Thank you!



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