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Introducing... Arcadia LumenIZE, new and improved lighting


The BRAND NEW range from Arcadia Reptiles - LumenIZE is the new and improved smart lighting system that allows you complete remote control over your UVB or LED kits.

LumenIZE products are app-controlled, giving you full control over monitoring your equipment usage through graphs and setting specific times when you want your device to come on and off (removing the factor of having to switch the device manually). They also have the new and improved ability to replicate dusk and dawn cycles more effectively down to their dimming effect.

The new LumenIZE range dimmable effect replicates the sun more efficiently and helps save energy. If we imagine that we work on a cycle of 12hrs with the lighting system on, if we have 4hrs of sunrise in the morning, 4hrs of basking time and 4hrs of dusk, our lighting systems will only be on 100% for the 4hrs of basking time. This can save up to 30% of energy per lamp. The in-app functions allow you to customise your lighting schedules or choose from pre-programmed options.

LumenIZE-enabled devices use app control to create more naturalistic and wild-like environments. They can create sunrise/ sunset patterns and seasonality to replicate natural behaviours. With the current systems we have in place, animals are subjected to near-midday levels of light first thing in the morning and then plunged unnaturally into complete darkness at the end of the day. With the dimming effect of the new LumenIZE products, we can allow smooth and wild-like control to replicate the gradual rise and descent of the sun. Everything about LumenIZE has been designed to support animal welfare and keepers, being more accurate in supply and lowering energy use.

The LumenIZE range has a smart internal backup and an internal battery. This protects the system from being reprogrammed during a power cut, as the internal storage memorises all the data you input in the app. The app can also control up to 50 different lamps with their own unique settings and additional security with password protection via Bluetooth for a secure connection.

Arcadia’s new range also has a lot of other improvements, including an easy new lamp-changing mechanism, new water-resistant cabling, and a new look to them. This product is dual-function and doesn’t necessarily require the app to work - however, it gives you many more options for use if you do. The new kits also still work with regular T5 bulbs.

If you are interested in this new product or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!

You can also check out Arcadia's video on the new products here.



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