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A tropical species of soft-bodied woodlouse (Trichorina species) grow to around 5mm long. They can be used as food for smaller species of reptiles and amphibians in forest type setups.


They eat any organic material, and in the correct bio-active set-up, they will breed prolifically and provide an ongoing food source and serve as part of the clean-up gang to consume waste and recycle nutrients.


Heat Packs

During the Winter season or severely cold weather (we advise below 4°) we advise you to purchase a Heat Pack to go in with your order to ensure the quality on arrival.


Daily fresh delivery

Same day dispatch (when ordered before 3 pm) -  Live food are despatched the same day if you order before 3 pm and the next day if you order after 3 pm, excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday (these orders will be sent on Monday).


Perfect for Bio-Active enclosures

Can be fed to smaller forest reptiles & amphibians

Tropical Grey Woodlice Pre-pack

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